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The State of the Islamic State

Number 30
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The State of the Islamic State

Editors Note
Ilan Berman

How the Islamic State Governs
Peeking behind the curtain of the new caliphate. 
Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi

ISIS: The Dangers for Israel 
In Jerusalem, policymakers brace for still greater regional instability. 
Efraim Inbar

How Boko Haram Became the Islamic State’s West Africa Province
Nigeria’s Islamist scourge goes global. Here’s how it evolved. 
J. Peter Pham

The Islamic State Comes to Russia
ISIS casts an increasingly large shadow over the North Caucasus. 
Anna Borshchevskaya

Egypt in the Crosshairs
After the Brotherhood, the country faces an Islamist challenge of a different sort. 
Nervana Mahmoud

Fighting the Islamic State: The U.S. Scorecard
Obama’s counterterrorism strategy is comprehensive in theory, but conspicuously absent in practice.
James S. Robbins

Countering the Islamic State’s Message
Understanding the elements of ISIS appeal, and how to combat them. 
Alberto Fernandez

The Shi’a Strike Back
The sectarian pushback against ISIS is underway.
Michael David Clark

A Kurdish Moment?
For the Kurds, the fight against ISIS provides an opportunity within adversity. 
Renad Mansour

Russia’s Risky Syria Strategy
Moscow’s intervention is fueled by fears of rising Islamic radicalism at home.
Ilan Berman 

An Opening For Al-Qaeda
The Islamic State’s progenitor is now seeking to rebrand itself.
Daveed Gartenstein-Ross and Nathaniel Barr


Gaming America: An Interview With The Honorable Dov Zakheim


NEW DELHI – The Other Rogue State
Ashok Mehta
TEHRAN – Iran’s Neglected Voices
Vahid Asghari

MOSCOW – Russia’s Reversal of Military Fortune
Matthew Bodner

Book Reviews

China’s Long Global March
Michael Pillsbury deciphers China’s long-term strategy for global dominance.
Jeff M. Smith

America’s Shadow Warriors
A chronicle of the rise and rise of U.S. special forces, courtesy of Sean Naylor. 
Daniel DePetris

What Makes The Islamic State Tick
Will McCants outlines the apocalyptic vision and grandiose objectives of today’s terrorist powerhouse.
Michael P. Pregent