America’s Frayed Foreign Policy and How to Fix It

Number 26
Table of Contents

Editor’s Note
Ilan Berman

Taking Stock...and the Way Forward

The Logic of American Exceptionalism
David Adesnik
Realists may hope that America is in decline. But the logic of dominance is overwhelming.

Snowden and the State of American Intelligence
Angelo M. Codevilla
The notorious NSA leaker didn’t expose new problems. He highlighted long-standing ones.

Why Al-Qaeda Just Won’t Die
Sebastian Gorka
Don’t believe the Administration’s rhetoric; al-Qaeda is alive and kicking.

The Sorry Shape of the War on Terror
Jed Babbin
Without tackling Islamist ideology, we’re only fighting half the battle.

The Drivers of Sound Defense
Robert Zarate
Mounting threats and global instability require strategy, not simply fiscal austerity.

Squaring the Nonproliferation Circle
William Tobey
Rhetoric notwithstanding, the Obama administration’s record on nuclear security is decidedly mixed.

Next Steps in Cyber Security
Rachel Ehrenfeld
America needs to reboot its thinking about the next great battlefield.

Navigating the New Battlefield

Predicting the Future of Warfare
James F. Dunnigan
Where will warfighting be in the future? The past provides some useful guideposts.

The Changing Character of War
T.X. Hammes
Tactics and strategy are changing rapidly. The U.S. military needs to keep up.

Rethinking the Shape of the Military
Kenneth Allard
Overstretched and disconnected from the American people, the All-Volunteer Force is long overdue for a facelift.

The State of U.S. Cyberstrategy
Thomas M. Chen
The Pentagon’s approach to the cyber domain is a work in progress.

A Stalled War on Terror Finance
Avi Jorisch
Politics has made Washington’s approach to threat finance provocatively weak.


Peace Through Strength
An interview with the Honorable Jon Kyl.


MOSCOW: What Russia Wants in Ukraine
Michael Bohm

AMMAN: How Not to Foster Stability in Iraq
Ramzy Mardini

PARIS: Tunisia’s Security Quandary
Mark Mosely    

Book Reviews

Warriors in Gray Suits
Mark Dubowitz and Annie Fixler
Juan Zarate’s superb overview of a new theater of battle: threat finance.

Asia’s Next Contest
Derek Grossman            
Jeff Smith masterfully outlines the unfolding strategic competition between China and India.

Future Fight
George Michael
A prescient map of how the modern battlefield is evolving, courtesy of David Kilcullen.