Allies, Adversaries...and in Between

Number 27
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Editor’s Note
Ilan Berman

Allies, Adversaries... and in Between

Russia’s Transformation
Janusz Bugajski    
The West needs to brace itself for a new era of conflict with the Kremlin.

In Moscow, A New Eurasianism
Charles Clover
Introducing the corrosive ideology that underpins Putin’s adventurism.

The China Threat, 2014 Edition
Bill Gertz
Why we need to worry about Beijing’s expanding capabilities... and appetites.

Understanding Turkey’s Tilt
Svante E. Cornell
The ideological roots of Ankara’s increasingly unhelpful foreign policy, demystified.

Doha’s Dangerous Dalliance
Daveed Gartenstein-Ross and Luke Lischin    
How Doha has played both sides in the “war on terror.”

Our Nagging North Korea Problem
Claudia Rosett
How the Hermit Kingdom continues to challenge American interests.

High Stakes With Tehran
J. Matthew McInnis
If a nuclear deal is indeed in the cards, here’s what it must entail.

Riding Out the Storm
Gerald M. Steinberg
The special relationship between Washington and Jerusalem is under stress. What lies ahead?

New Delhi’s New Groove
Jeff M. Smith
Under new management, India is becoming an increasingly important partner for the United States.

An Islamist Civil War... and America’s Response
Katharine Cornell Gorka
Fourteen years into the “war on terror,” the goalposts are shifting. So should our approach.


KYIV: Ukraine’s New Promise
George Logush

MILAN: Europe’s Foreign Fighter Problem
Lorenzo Vidino

GUATEMALA CITY: Islamist Inroads in the Americas
Pedro Trujillo Álvarez

Book Reviews

The Moral High Ground, Usurped
Elan Journo
Israel has gone from victim to villain in the court of world opinion. Joshua Muravchik explains why.

Rethinking the Israeli-Palestinian Equation
Lawrence J. Haas
Caroline Glick offers a radical—and rational—approach to the Middle East’s most intractable problem.

Islamabad’s Military Myopia
Aaron Mannes
Christine Fair’s cogent look at why Pakistan always bites the hand that feeds it.