Hotspots and Flashpoints

Number 28
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Ilan Berman

Hotspots and Flashpoints

Oren Adaki
Yemen could be the Middle East’s next failed state. Here’s why you should care.
Jantzen W. Garnett
The ISIS threat to Israel and Egypt is closer than you think. 
Michael Rubin
In North Africa, a hub for regional security... or a source of global instability.
Tom Wilson
The view from Jerusalem is worrying indeed. 
M. Zuhdi Jasser
Why Jew-hatred goes hand in hand with Islamic radicalism.
Phillip Orchard
How Beijing is rewriting the rules of the road in the East and South China Seas.
Herman Pirchner, Jr.
The year-and-a-half-old conflict between Moscow and Kyiv isn’t close to being over.
Leo Michel
Grading the Atlantic Alliance’s response to a rapacious Russia.
Paul Rosenzweig
Brace yourself. It’s going to be a bumpy ride in cyberspace. 
Celina B. Realuyo
To defeat the new terrorist threat, we need to follow the money.


An Interview with The Honorable Douglas J. Feith


Charly Salonius-Pasternak
Da Wei & Sun Chenghao
José María Gil Garre

Book Reviews 

Jason Czerwiec
Peter Pomerantsev pulls back the curtain on Russia’s larger-than-life media.
Samuel Bendett
What Bill Browder learned about the cutthroat capitalism of the new Russia.
Malcolm Forbes
There’s simply no substitute for human tradecraft, says Stephen Gray.
Todd Johnson
A trio of national security experts explain how the U.S. became a superpower.